Remembering J. Russell Cullen, Jr.

Earlier this month, I was saddened to wake up to text messages from my brother regarding the death of J. Russell Cullen, Jr. I credit (blame?) my brother for helping me get into the construction industry. My college summers (late 1980s) and early career were spent at Nason and Cullen, Inc., general contractors, when Russ Cullen was the president of the company.

Upon hearing the news, it was hard to not have my mind flood with memories of my time working at Nason and Cullen. They were a large presence in the Philadelphia construction market at that time, and I am proud to have worked with and learned from some of the brightest and best construction professionals in the industry. Aside from technical construction knowledge, the people that I worked with at that time taught me lessons that I still use today in my profession as an estimator for Madison.

Here are some of those lessons:

My personal condolences go out to the Cullen family, as does my appreciation for the opportunity that was given to me those years ago.