8 Cold-Weather Concreting Methods That Work

“Cold” Man Winter will soon be returning to the Northeast bringing seasonably cold, wet weather capped by a blizzard in February. At least, that’s what the Farmer’s Almanac says. If the prediction pans out, we’re facing a cold, icy winter. When the temps drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and lower, placing concrete can be challenging. Concrete sets slowly during cooler temperatures, and if freshly placed concrete freezes before reaching a minimum strength of 500 psi, it could lose up to half of its ultimate strength.

But not all winter construction is lost. Concrete can be placed as long as precautions are taken to keep it from freezing while still fresh. The goal is to keep concrete at a minimum temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit until it reaches 500 psi. At this point, it can handle the cold on its own.

The following are a few tips for cold-weather concreting:

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