Staying safe (and cool) on the jobsite

Summer means many things to us here at Madison: more constructive activity, more fun and more employees exposed to the sun, heat and humidity. And about this time every year, we like to share a message with tips on how to keep your crews safe and cool on the job during these warm summer months. In addition to making sure our teams stay hydrated, take lots of breaks, wear lightweight clothing, we have another factor to contend with this year – face masks.

Beginning June 11, Philadelphia’s mayor authorized work to continue considering appropriate precautions are taken. One of these precautions is the use of face coverings. Here are some best practices for wearing face masks in hot weather.

Choose a lightweight material

Wearing a mask can be hot, so it’s important to choose a breathable fabric like those made from 100% cotton. While cotton does not pull moisture away from the skin, its more breathable and likely more comfortable in the heat.

Fit is important

Masks should be snug on your face, but not too tight. A tight-fitting mask will be uncomfortable and make it harder to breathe. Check out different styles of masks to see which one works the best for you. A tie mask may be more comfortable than one with elastic straps that go around the ears which can be irritating.

Have more than one

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, masks should not be worn after they become damp or wet. Bring additional masks so you can swap them out if one gets too dirty or sweaty. Remove your mask in an area without other people and, if possible, wash your hands before putting on a clean mask. If hand washing is not possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

These and other tips can be found in a recent article by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

To read about other tips for staying safe and cool on the jobsite, check out OSHA’s Water. Rest. Shade. (#WaterRestShade) campaign.