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Building Structures
And Relationships
That Last

Madison Concrete Construction delivers the highest quality concrete construction, focused on safety, schedule and budget.


To consistently provide superior quality concrete construction, in a safe environment, with a reputation for honesty, integrity and responsiveness to our clients, vendors and employees. 

Your Trusted Partner Since 1969

Madison Concrete Construction delivers what you expect – the highest quality concrete construction, focused on safety, schedule and budget. Our strong partnerships with general contractors, design professionals and construction owners in all types of industries have been hard-earned and have positioned Madison as the concrete construction industry leader in the Greater Philadelphia region. We invite you to learn more about how we can collaborate with you to make your next project a success!

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Our Services

Building on more than a half of a century of concrete construction experience, we strive to maintain a leadership position in providing a wide range of concrete construction services including:

  • Pre-Construction (conceptual estimating, project scheduling and logistics, value engineering, technical and constructability reviews, structural engineering, design assist)

  • Project Management (safety, production and quality management, materials procurement and logistics, field engineering, project scheduling)

  • Commercial concrete services (structural concrete frame construction, concrete foundations, slabs on grade, slabs on deck, filigree structures, tilt-wall construction, concrete reinforcement installation, concrete placing and finishing, shotcreting, concrete pumping, excavation)

  • Architectural concrete (formwork and form liners, sandblasting, tinted concrete, specialty finishes)

  • Infrastructure construction (vehicular and pedestrian bridges, retaining walls, box culverts, treatment plants, parapets, concrete paving)

Markets We Serve

Our clients provide a wide range of services and industries. With that in mind, our teams are tasked with understanding our clients’ needs and challenges so that we can better serve them. With every new project comes the opportunity to learn, while also showcasing the skills, knowledge and experience that we have gained through the vast and varied types of projects that we have completed.

Education and Institutional.png

Educational & Institutional

Commercial and Office.png


and Office



Sports and Entertainment.png

Sports and Entertainment

Parking Structures.png

Parking Structures



Multi-family and Residential.png

Multi-family and Residential

Industrial and Warehouse.png

Industrial and Warehouse

Heavy and Highway.png

Heavy and Highway


What's New at Madison?

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Our Industry Involvement

Understanding the importance of keeping on top of the latest industry trends, Madison Concrete Construction is involved in several industry trade associations, including: 

  • American Concrete Institute

  • American Society of Concrete Contractors

  • Associated Pennsylvania Constructors

  • Concrete Network

  • Delaware Valley Association of Structural Engineers

  • Eastern PA and Delaware Chapter American Concrete Institute (EPDACI)

  • General Building Contractors Association (GBCA)

  • Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council

  • Portland Cement Association (PCA)

  • Subcontractors Association of Delaware Valley (SADV)

Next Generation Ownership

Since 1969, Madison Concrete Construction has been a key player in the Greater Philadelphia area construction market. Jim Dolente Sr. and his brother founded our company in 1969 on a solid foundation of knowledge, skill and a drive for excellence in the concrete construction industry.  


A successful succession plan has seen Jim Dolente Jr. and Stephen Dolente take over management of the company. After years of hands-on training through every aspect of our company, Jim and Steve are now training and guiding the next generation of construction professionals and highly skilled craftspeople to ensure Madison continues to provide its clients with the level of service that they have come to expect.


As Chairman of the Board, Jim Dolente Sr. continues to lend the experience, knowledge and vision that has become the hallmark of his leadership through the years. 

Join Our Team

In today’s concrete construction environment, industry professionals are challenged to develop innovative solutions in any given setting. Whether you are making decisions in the field or in the planning stages of a building design, industry trends such as sustainability, safety solutions and advanced concrete technology are crucial elements to any project’s success. Madison Concrete thrives on a foundation of teamwork, collaboration and innovation.


If you are interested in a career that allows you to grow and learn in a team-oriented environment, Madison Concrete is the place for you. We encourage all our team members to have a voice and participate. Those interested in exploring opportunities with the Madison Concrete team are invited to contact us at info@madisonconcrete.com. 

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Contact Us

We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Madison Concrete Construction. Submit your contact info and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 




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