Our History

Madison Concrete through the years

Madison Concrete Construction was built from a strong foundation of concrete construction knowledge, expertise and a desire for excellence by James Dolente Sr., the visionary who continues to guide the Madison team of professionals today. With great admiration for his grandfather and father, James and his brother established Madison Concrete Construction in the fall of 1969 with a vision to bring their passion for concrete construction to the Greater Philadelphia region. Today, another generation of the Dolente family is also actively involved in the leadership of the company.

Since our earliest days, our commitment to growth has made us one of the top ten pure commercial concrete contractors in the country, with the largest field staff in the Philadelphia region. This gives us ultimate flexibility in staffing projects and meeting the needs of multiple clients at the same time. Every job goes smoothly and you get the greatest design and cost flexibility. But we don't stop there. Throughout our growth process, we have invested in extensive research and development, utilizing the latest technology and developing innovative techniques for field implementation. A perfect example is our in-depth knowledge of concrete forming systems and structures that enable us to team up with you or your contracting/design team to create the most efficient structure. To this end, we work hard to ensure we understand our customers' challenges and changing workplaces, as well as our patience and dedication to responding to your needs.