Madison Turns 50!

1969 was a momentous year. It began on a high note in our region, with Penn State’s dramatic 15-14 win over Kansas in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 1. That summer, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and the legendary Woodstock music festival debuted. By fall, Madison Concrete Construction opened for business for the very first time, setting us on a journey filled with hard work, sweet success and deep gratitude. Check out our 50 year milestones here.

James Dolente Sr. and his brother founded Madison Concrete with a vision to bring their passion for concrete construction to the Greater Philadelphia region. The brothers, who learned their trade from their father and grandfather, brought with them a strong foundation of construction expertise and a desire for excellence.

As a result, we’ve spent the past half-century honing our processes and developing strong relationships so we can deliver any size project safely, on budget and on time. We’ve invested in extensive research and development, adopting the latest technologies and developing innovative techniques to help us work more efficiently. These efforts have helped Madison Concrete survive several economic downturns over the years—and come out of them thriving! But even as we continuously strive to improve and adapt, we always stay true to our founders’ vision. We concentrate solely on concrete construction. It’s all we do—and no one does it better.

A new generation of the Dolente family is now leading the company, but Jim Sr. remains the visionary who guides the Madison team of professionals today. Thanks to the dedication of our management team and employees, Madison Concrete is considered one of the top pure commercial concrete contractors in the country. We’ve been involved in some amazing projects and had the pleasure of being a significant contributor to Philadelphia’s construction revival in recent years.

We’re pretty proud of what’s been accomplished so far, but even more so, we are thankful for those who have helped propel us forward on our journey. Our people. Our clients. Our project partners. Our vend0rs. We would not be here without your support. Here’s to another 50 years!