Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Construction Nearing Completion

Madison is finalizing the construction of the new Temple Complex located in Philadelphia, PA. The project consists of two levels of underground parking, as well as Temple and Support buildings. The site encompasses an entire city block at the corner of 18th and Vine streets in Center City Philadelphia. Madison was chosen to perform the foundations, columns and structural concrete decks for the garage, which underlies the entire site, along with the shear walls and slabs of the buildings. Madison has worked in close coordination with general contractor L.F. Driscoll/Big-D JV, and structural engineers Keast & Hood, to devise a construction sequence to meet the critical path dates required for the structural steel erection. The mat footing, foundation walls for the underground parking levels have been installed, and the structural decks are now complete.  The upper level slabs in both the Temple Building and the Services Building are nearing completion as well.

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